About us

What does LLVA mean and who does it gather?

LLVA is an abbreviation for Latvijas Lietišķās valodniecības asociācija – Latvian Association of Applied Linguistics.

The association gathers linguists whose professional interests are related to applied linguistics: researchers, university lecturers, language teachers, students, interpreters, translators, lexicographers, terminologists, etc. An organisation, institute, or other legal entity may also become a member of the association.

When and how was LLVA established?

The LLVA was established in March 2016, with the intention to encourage cooperation among linguists and promote research of applied linguistics. The initiators were doctoral students of the Liepāja University and the Ventspils University of Applied Sciences along with their professors. The association also includes representatives of many other Latvian universities and research institutes.

Why was LLVA created?

The main objective is to encourage the cooperation among Latvian linguists and exchange of experience – both national and international. It is important to promote multi-disciplinary research and cooperation in the environment of all academic degree levels and of the university lecturers. One of the preferable goals would be to promote the availability and usefulness of applied research in the national economy.

How to join LLVA?

The statutes of LLVA stipulate that an application must be submitted (personally or electronically) to the Board that decides on the admission of the candidate to the association. For two years, the Board (five members) is elected in the general meeting. The general meeting takes place once a year. Members of the association pay the membership fee once a year. Its use is decided by the Board, but is supervised by an auditor.