The Latvian Association of Applied Linguistics was founded in 2016, and there were 9 founding members. Five board members were elected to the first Board: Inga Bliska, Guntars Dreijers, Normunds Dzintars, Anita Helviga, and Egita Proveja. The first Chairperson of the Board was Egita Proveja. The Association’s activities focused mainly on the creation of a new periodical publication – the review journal Valodniecība un tulkojumzinātne (Linguistics and Translation Studies), and its first issue was published in 2017. In 2018, the mandate of the Board expired, but its members continued to carry out their tasks.

In 2019, a new Board was elected. Anita Helviga was re-elected from the previous Board, and Inga Kaija, Inga Laizāne, Solvita Štekerhofa, and Aiga Veckalne were newly elected to the Board. Inga Kaija became the Chairperson of the Board and Inga Laizāne was elected as the Vice Chairperson and the Secretary of the Board, while Solvita Štekerhofa became the Treasurer.